About the Ashton & Sale History Society


Dear Members

I am writing to you to outline our situation that has been presented to us by the outbreak of covid 19.

I do hope everyone is well, and that all your loved ones are not too greatly affected by this epidemic.

I myself have not been out of the house, apart from going to Christie’s since February. Of course, with having been diagnosed with prostate cancer and receiving radiotherapy, I am at a greater risk. But I also have COPD which doesn’t help.  I have been extremely lucky, in that my wife Janice who I looked after some years ago, is now repaying the pleasure by looking after me (by far the better experience). Also, my children have done the shopping and run around for things like prescriptions etc. I realize not everyone has this back up and I do hope you have all managed.

The majority of members are of course of an age which will also make them feel more vulnerable, and with that in mind, the committee are not confident that we would have a good turnout. I myself still have to be safeguarding and would be reluctant to attend meetings until I thought it was safe. But it was thought that we ought to try to cater for the membership

The Conservative club has made some very good sociable measures to enable a meeting, They have hand sanitizers available in various positions, and have distanced the tables.

The committee were suggesting a meeting in September, and the speaker was to be Tony Bostock, and his experiences whilst compiling his family tree. But with the latest announcement it has been decided to cancel it.

We may hopefully enable the society to get back on track on another occasion and we can evaluate where we are going.I hope we have not upset anyone with this, but if you do feel strongly about it please let us know.

Regards and Best Wishes from

Alan Morrison Founder & Chairman