Programme of events

Date Guest Speaker TitleAdded comments
12 JANUARY 2022John CarpenterThe Five Great Libraries of Manchester Five Internationally acclained Libraries tell an amazing story
9th Febuary 2022Mike BillingtonBagpipes Through HistoryIf you think Bagpipes came from Scotland think again
9th March 2022Dave WalmsleyEngland & Scotland Key moments in a troubled Relationship
13 April 2022Tony BostockCheshire Pubs signs A look at the many atractive Cheshire Pubs and their signs
11 May 2022Claire MooresJoseph Higham Band Insrument maker Joe Sambrook was going to speak but has an urgent operation so Claire Moores has steped in on short Notice
8th June 2022David MitchellO,Yay O,Yay a Town Cryer A light-harted look at the life of a Town Cryer.
13 July 2022

Judy PopleyTrafford Park a HistoryFrom stately grandure to shopping Mecca.
10 August 2022Michael Rawlings City Centre manchester
Buildings of Interest
Meeting manchester Library 11 am
14 September 2022Martin BaggoleySTRANGEWAYS
A century of life or not
Executions in Manchester 1869-1964
12 October 2022Steven BensonCommonwealth War GravesThe important work of the Commonwealth War Graves
9th November 2022Matin Jones
AGM befor meeting
The Man Who Shod War HorsesA life given for King and Country..
14 December 2022Bring and tell
And Raffle
Bring that item. bring and tell a tale, 'Open for anybody' I hope we have made it to today .